Looking back at hip-hop history, sunglasses have been an influential and consistent accessory in hip-hop fashion. Back in the 80’s and 90’s P. Diddy and Biggie represented the dark Versace shades that rocked the industry. It’s no secret; rappers have a natural liking for vintage shades. The coveted sunglasses are represented in their everyday wear, photo shoots, and music videos. While the rappers continue to keep up with the top eyewear brands, they can also access awesome vintage frames.

Today, the Migos crew has created major trends with the Quavo glasses. The Quavo glasses are always represented in their music videos. Wearing them would get you feeling like a trapper! We have to admit that their stuntastic collection gets us feeling low-key jealous.

Here’s the thing, the members of the Migos crew all wear different styled glasses. But we’re all here for the Quavo glasses. Well, to tell the truth, these glasses are quite expensive. As a matter of fact, the crew only wears shades made by the Bugatti brand. They have a golden frame with black or dark brown shades. The prices of the original shades are within the $500 bracket. This is only when you can get a hold of them, most of the time they aren’t available.

The Quavo shades can be broken down into three styles. There are the slippery shades, the flip-up retro shades, and the trapper vintage shades. Let’s take a look at each one of them

Thin slippers shades

If we have to choose a signature style for the Migos the thin, slippery shades would easily take the top spot. Quavo wears these glasses in the music video Slippery thus the name. The crew always wears these shades whether performing on stage or at a basketball game. The glasses have a thin golden metal frame that has etched sides with detailing. It is light on the nose and can be rocked by both men and women.

Retro Flip-Ups

Quavo has not only represented the retro flip-ups, but they have also been identified on 2 Chainz. This is one style that many people in the rap game wear. They have a double lens. If you are outside you, get protected from the sun, but you can simply slip up the lenses if you go inside. This is a total win! Indoors or outdoors, you don’t need to take them off.

Quavo Glasses

The trapper vintage shades have found their way into most of the Migos videos through Quavo. These vintage round shades add a cool vibe to the trapper look.

Wondering how to get your hands on these beauties and be the coolest in the gang? You can cop up yourself the Quavo glasses from different online stores that have created similar dupes inspired by the real ones. They have the same style but at a more reasonable price. If you have the cash, you can easily get the branded ones, but if not, you can also get the same style at a reasonable price. They are just the same but unbranded. Happy trapping!