Social media have become quite popular and lovable for the modern generation especially since they link the world in such a unique fashion. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, people can interact and form friendship with users hundreds of miles across seas. At the peak of social media interaction is the ability to share information, media and experiences. More platforms have emerged allowing people to share pictures, videos and information. However, only the top performers attract more users and there are several platforms that struggle to attract any decent following. app is the largest creative platform for video sharing, but it offers more than that. Here is a descriptive review of the app and how you can use musically crown to make the most of the app:

What is musically?

As aforementioned, this is a creative platform for people interested in video sharing. However, the app platform offers a lot more than sharing videos. Unlike platforms like YouTube, offers users a creative platform that makes it very effortless to create and share videos. The top video categories available include comedy, music, talent (dance, magic, sing…), vlog, fashion and beauty among others. It is basically a creative social media albeit designed to support video creation and sharing. Over the few months the platform has been available it has rapidly expanded to become the largest of a kind and has some 1.3 million five star reviews on Google Play alone. This app is offered for android and iOS users.


What you can achieve with musically


There are several things you can achieve with a platform like especially since it gives you the chance to share your own videos with friends and the whole world. You can also get crowns and become famous fast, exposing your music to millions of users who are already members of the community. Signing up for an account is totally free and it does not require any technical knowledge to use the app or platform. Some of the things you can do with the platform include the following;

• Creating a video
Quickly create your videos by using simple tools provided. You will need to shoot your videos beforehand as the platform only allows you to edit and render. You can choose from any category including comedy videos, talent performance, music, fashion, beauty and vlog among others.

• Share videos
Once your videos are ready, you can share them with friends, family and acquaintances. You can also post them for the whole world (those who have accounts with the social media platform.

• Become famous
You can get crowns for your music. When it comes to social media approval, verification and large fan base (followers/friends) in particular are the biggest challenges. By getting crowned, you get instant fame and recognition from thousands (probably millions) using the platform. If you want to pursue video production and/or performance as your career, this is the best free platform to use.

Where does musically crown come in?
Musically crown offers several features that come with clear benefits for those interested in creating and sharing videos. It basically gives you crown by exposing your music to thousands of followers for instant fame. In fact, some users have claimed to get crowned within 24 hours. Musically crown is like a hack for app and helps you get more followers, engagements, shares and views for your shared videos. It instantly boosts your profile without anyone noticing. Some of the features you will find in this platform include the following;

a) Frequent updates
By frequently updating the online platform (site), it is almost impossible to experience any problems or challenges. The last update was made in February 2017 which goes ahead to show just how frequent the platform is updated. This also ensures the most up-to-date user experience.

b) Anti-detection
For the safest way to gain internet followers, musically crown ensures anti-detection. The tool provides 100% safety and is in line with the terms of use so you do not have to worry about being kicked out.

c) Very fast algorithms
Instead of taking weeks or months to build your profile and attract more internet followers for your videos, these algorithms take only a few hours. They are the fastest algorithms that take the least time to get executed and their outcomes can be measured within a matter of hours.

d) Browser based
To ensure access from any device at any time; musically crown provides a browser-based hack that can be used all the time. Provided your device can access the internet, you can access musically crown and make your videos popular within the day you release them.

There are other minor features in place to improve user experience and ease of use. It is also absolutely free for use by anyone and there is total assurance nothing will be charged in the future. This platform was simply built to help those who have trouble growing a decent internet following especially with Other social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram already have multiple ways to gain fake or surreal followers and friends. app does not allow the existence of any fake accounts and has complex algorithms to monitor such activities. Musically crown offers real followers who will interact with your videos and promote them.
It is important to note that offers like musically crown can only help you get more followers, but keeping them will depend on your competence. If you are going to maintain popularity, then you must seize the opportunity by providing top quality videos that will mesmerize and attract more people. If your videos do not appeal to others or are of low quality, then your popularity will only be short-lived especially when you have competition that can produce better quality scripts. You should therefore strive to shoot top quality images and clips. Spend more time editing and sharpening your videos to match top industry standards. This way, you can be sure to take the world by a storm and feel very famous. Nonetheless, making a career off video production and performance involves various phases and activities. is only one platform to consider but this is no reason to ignore other social media sites and options. The best approach would be to link all your platforms and harness followers from all sides.